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Joomla Bug Squad Team Meeting - January 24, 2020

Date: January 24, 2020

Social Media Team meeting - January 2020

Our first meeting in person with most of our team members in a long while took place just befor the Forum for the Future in Marbella, Spain.

Attendees: Alison Meeks, Hans van der Meer, Ed Hathaway, Sandra Decoux, Eric Lamy, Brian Teeman


Joomla Forum for the Future Official Recap

On January 17-19 2020, many top community members were invited to attend the Forum for the Future. This was a forum rather than an unconference, four streams were suggested, but also other pressing matters were presented and discussed. The purpose of the event was to facilitate communication between teams, involve people from outside the community to share their knowledge, experience and allow us to see beyond our "world" while working together on the 4 most important topics of our volunteer organization.

Initially the attendees were separated into streams/categories, each tasked with brainstorming to define areas of concern and provide actionable improvements for the project. These streams were Market, Technology, Professionalising, Re-Engagement. 

Important: these are only discussion points, not fully made decisions on the direction of the Joomla project.

Stream: Market

Forum Meeting 27/1/2020

Forum Meeting Jan 2020

  1. Update for forum to phpBB 3.3.0 on sandbox complete
    1. We will post a message to the General Support Moderators to give them access to the sandbox so that they are ware and can do a bit more testing.
    2. We will publicly annouce the update when we update the live site.
  2. Forum behaviour of some users was discussed
  3. Next meeting is on the 24th Feb.

Forum for the Future: Re-Engage & Re-Ignite Stream Report

Forum for the Future: Re-Engage & Re-Ignite

Stream Facilitators: Jaz Parkyn and Brian Mitchell

In Person Attendees: Darek Snieg, Ed Hathaway, Hilda Abbing, Vikas Pisal, Marc Dechevre, Tabata Martinez, Bruce Lawson, Christopher Justice, Tim Davis, Guillermo Bravo, Andrea Gentil, Puneet Kala, Chris Keen, Hagen Graf, Brian Teeman, Laura Gordon, Davide Messia, Luca Marzo

Virtual Attendees: SD Williams, Troy Hall, Brian R√łnnow, Olivier Buisard

After introductions had been made, we started off discussions by reviewing where we have been in terms of our achievements and challenges, and why we think Joomla exists. We then continued to brainstorm possible topics for the remainder of the forum, before exploring each in more detail.

Why does Joomla exist? Who cares?

  • Opinions from the stream attendees:
  • Community. It is great software.
  • Because others did not, could not, have not.
  • It has morphed into a

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