What is a CSS framework

It is a second edition of our workshop about CSS frameworks. Last edition got very high ratings in the attendees surveys. We are really proud to announce the second edition of these workshops.


The workshop will be organized in a very comfortable place as the previous edition. We have prepared 20 well-designed workplaces with computers. All necessary software will be preinstalled so there is no needs for taking own laptops.

The main plan is explaining the idea of the CSS frameworks – their history, used ideas etc. It will create a good background for the attendees to understand what is the sense of creating own framework and how the best framework was created.

The workshop will be prepared by Norman Wolf – great specialist of the front-end development


Main Takeaways:

  • Explain concept of the CSS framework
  • Overview of popular CSS frameworks
  • Preparing basics of the own CSS framework
  • CSS framework code documentation
  • CSS framework maintenance

Please remember that amount of seats is limited so don’t wait to the last moment and sign up now:

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